Saturday, December 19, 2009

Five Guys hits the Emerald City

Seattleites, there's now a Five Guys burger place in our area! And it's not far from me...near Northgate Mall.

Wondering what the big deal is? Grub Grade has a pretty good review.

While I was reading Grub Grade, I noticed that they reviewed something called the Big Mac Snack Wrap. Um, it looks like a third of a Big Mac sliced up and rolled up in a tortilla, which looks just about as gross as you would think.


Mark said...

Five Guys is only a big deal if you think (a) a decent cheeseburger and fries is a big deal, (b) you don't feel like spending twelve dollars for a decent cheeseburger, or (c) you're a huge fan of free peanuts. Mostly it's a commentary on the sorry state of the American burgerscape.

Anonymous said...

Five Guys is great! Their fries are fresh as can be (note all of the bags if potatoes stacked around), and the burgers are super good.