Thursday, December 17, 2009

Milky Way makeover

OMG. I never saw this before Tara tweeted about it, but Milky Way now has a version sans nougat, called Simply Caramel.

Has anyone seen this in stores? I sure haven't.


Dina said...

OMGZORS for real! They've been making these in a smaller size (called, obviously enough, Milky Way Caramels) off and on for years, first as a year-round product, then just Easter and Christmas. They're one of my Dad's very favorite candies (he's English and they don't have the sour undertaste that most US chocolates do) but nobody in my family has been able to find them anywhere despite hunting diligently this Christmas. There's hope yet! Thanks, Gael!

Jeff Sparkman said...

I saw them at the grocery store the other day. It was very tasty during it's very brief unwrapped life.

Anonymous said...

Purchased 4 at a metro Atlanta Dollar Tree last week. Delicious!!

*I detest nougat.