Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Really, really bad Christmas movies

My pal Chris Bahn got the writing assignment of the year: He got to interview the Rifftrax crew (formerly of MST3K) about bad Christmas movies. Just reading through the interview is delightful.

MN: I’d like to up the ante with my favorite, which we just screened here. Guys, I can’t remember if I screened it with you, so forgive me, but: Santa Claus And The Ice Cream Bunny?

BC: [Laughs.] Oh yes, we were there.

MN: This is a true nightmare.

BC: It is unbelievable.

MN: It was made by a now-defunct theme park in Florida called Pirate's World. It was sort of sad. It got closed immediately when Disney World opened, but it was sort of a throwback to old theme parks. It looked really unsafe.

BC: [Laughs.] Run by actual pirates, I think.

MN: But they made a movie. They just sort of filmed a display they had of Thumbelina, and they bookended it with this story of Santa Claus getting stranded on the beach, and he has to be rescued. So at the end, in a really, really bizarre scene, a guy in a horrible mascot bunny suit shows up on a fire truck filled with kids and everyone just sort of cheers, and that’s the end. He’s apparently the Ice Cream Bunny, although you kind of have to take it on faith.

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Rob said...

Never saw the movie but spent a lot of weekends at Pirates World listening to some of the great musicians of the day and there were plenty... Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart had to be the best. A lot of drugs as well. Sounds like owners may have been doing a few themselves. I'll have to check out the film....