Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snuggie vs. Slanket

I was sent a free Snuggie at work (I have a strange job), and had never realized that there was a whole world of sleeved blankets out there.

My friend Kim sent me this comparison of the Snuggie to the Slanket to the Freedom Blanket to the Blankoat. That last one costs OVER $300! SLEEVED BLANKET INSANITY!

Also, according to the article, my new Snuggie is the dog of the group. Whoops. Well, free is free.


Anonymous said...

Snuggie is the dog of the group.

Speaking of which, they actually have Snuggies for dogs now. What a

Sylkozakur said...

I just got a slanket. Probably overkill in an are in which 50 is about the coldest we get (somketimes we do get 40 degree nights). But I do love the slanket.