Saturday, December 19, 2009

You may now eat the cookie

Cookie buffets at weddings? Man, Pittsburgh brides have got it goin' on! 26 varieties!


Hp0 said...

Gael, it's not just Pittsburgh brides who get the cookie buffet. I was married just outside Youngstown, OH and had two tables of cookies. My mom and her friends started baking as soon as I got engaged. I've been to weddings in Cleveland and Erie, PA that also had cookie tables.

Lynn said...

The article didn't mention how fancy some of the cookies get - I love seeing the marzipan fruits that are sometimes on the table. They are too pretty to eat, of course, but add a lot of sparkle to the table. The cookie table is nearly universal around Western Pennsylvania; whether the reception is in someone's home, a fire hall, an upscale restaurant or a country club, it is one of the best parts of a wedding.