Monday, January 18, 2010

Here comes the bride ... into court

This sounds like it will be one of those fake urban legends, but no, indeed, the team found it to be true:

Bride's attempt to hang up her wedding dress results in hotel evacuation.

I sent this to my best friend Lisa, whose wedding I was in in 2007, and she responded with "Man, who knew? I think it's pretty harsh to go after that bride for the balance of the insurance claim. I've never seen a warning to not hang anything from the shower head." (As numerous readers pointed out, it was the sprinkler head.)


ctoan said...

It wasn't the shower head though. It was from the sprinkler system that detects and puts out fires. The bride was trying to hang her dress from the ceiling.

It was a stupid mistake, but I guess you're not supposed to tamper with fire fighting equipment.

Angie said...

Well of course it's not the shower head they are talking about, it's the fire sprinkler. There are in fact warnings about that.

Anonymous said...

Did you point out to your friend there's a big difference between a shower head and a sprinkler head? :)

Rob said...

I think the shower head is fair game, but according to Snopes she hung it from the sprinkler head in the ceiling, which is pretty stupid.

Nikki said...

She hung it from the head of the sprinkler in the ceiling. Sprinkler went 'boom'-water everywhere. I know for a fact that this story is true because one summer semester, my roomie in college did this exact same thing. We were in a 5-story building with balconies, and we were on the 5th floor. That was the day of 'the waterfall at Pinney'.