Saturday, January 02, 2010

If we market it, they will buy it

Seriously, if you were going to have a sack race, would you need to buy a Sack Racing Set?

Wouldn't you just, I dunno, get some sacks? I mean, I know not everyone has potato sacks sitting around anymore, but...sleeping bags, those reusable grocery bags everyone has nowadays, or something?

This just seems like an unncessary, hey, let's try and mass-produce a childhood game idea. But I did laugh when I saw it, so hey, there's that.

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Injera said...

This does seem bizarre, except that it's recently been discovered here (Australia) that James Hardie industries passed on sacks that had held asbestos fibres to fruiterers etc. It's quite possible that racing in hand-me-down sacks has doomed us all to lung disease...