Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shut up or die

So have you seen "Pontypool"? You know I love zombie movies, and this is...kind of one. It's set at a Canadian radio station where the small staff slowly begin to realize that people in Pontypool are being taken over by a weird virus that makes them cannibals, and the virus is apparently spread by language.

Sounds weird, but it's really good, and for a kind-of zombie movie, not all that bloody! And the main character is awesome, a grizzled old DJ who still maintains enough common sense to take charge of the situation when it starts to go completely crazy. Watch it, if this is the kind of flick you'd like.
The title is a Canadian town, but I keep hearing it in my head as "Pocket Pool," as in the Killer Pussy song.


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is a zombie movie fan, so I've seen this one. It's pretty good until they get to the explanation of how the virus is carried. I still don't really get it, but the movie has a lot of suspense for what must have been a low budget.

Anonymous said...

It never caught on... was disappointing. Something about it wasn't satisfying. There was too much circular DJ talk, not enough "why" explained, and viewers could not identify a lot with the main characters (the "good guys").