Friday, May 28, 2010

Booking it

As those who know me are well aware, I'm a bit obsessed with Donna Tartt's "The Secret History." (READ IT if you haven't already!)

Did NOT like "The Little Friend" one bit.

But her Wikipedia entry promises a new book in 2012 that sounds fascinating. Now Wikipedia could be spouting old or outdated or incorrect info, but let's hope not!

It says: "In September 2008, it was announced that Tartt would publish her third novel with Little, Brown and Company. The new novel, as yet untitled, is a story of loss and obsession about a young man, guilt-stricken and damaged after the death of his mother, and the growing power that a stolen piece of art exercises over him, drawing him into an underworld of theft and corruption where nothing is as it seems. Publication is scheduled for 2012."


Mrs Pinchloaf said...

I think I've read The Secret History about 50 times; it's one of my favorite books, too. I didn't hate The Little Friend, but I was disappointed in it. Very excited to have a new book from her!

Anonymous said...

Since you both loved The Secret History so much, can you tell me why you loved it? I hated it and have always wondered why everyone liked it so much. I can tell you why I hated it: I thought the characters were pretentious and loathsome, and I didn't see why I should root for them. I liked the characters in The Little Friend much better, although I can't remember the last time I was so disappointed in the end of a book. Anyway, please enlighten me as to why you liked The Secret History, because I'm really curious!

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper said...

I'm actually not sure I can explain it, because if you liked The Little Friend, which made no impression on me at all, and hated The Secret History...we likely just have opposite tastes. (Although apparently I have the more common TSH was a much huger hit than TLF.)

I could not care less if they were pretentious and I certainly didn't find them loathsome. I found the whole world of Bennington and the idea of this tiny classics department where people were actively fighting to live in the past fascinating. That description of Julian's first class, with the tea and the arguments about taking over the town just jumped off the page. So did the detail of Richard's sad dusty California childhood, of their days spent at Francis' relative's giant empty country house that reminded Richard of the Titanic, of Bunny's moneygrubbing, of Richard almost freezing to death in the hippie rental house. And the plot just sang...first the farmer, then Bunny, then just when you think they might get away with it...the letter misplaced in another teacher's mailbox comes to Julian. And he thinks it's fake until Henry flips it over and Richard calls him away and then Julian sees the stationery from the Italian hotel...I get chills from how well she described Richard's sinking feeling of being sunk. Loved it. Seriously loved it.

Anne said...

omg Gael, time to read it again, I've forgotten some, reading from your notes. I liked the opening line, one of the greatest I've ever read. I love the dialogue of college students of sharp intellect trying to be, or being pretentious. I liked the authentic tone of the main character narrator and his fascination with these privileged creatures. Henry! The idea of these outsiders creating their own world, the faculty member setting the stage for it. The impending doom of the plot. I traded this book with a friend who gave me "All the Pretty Horses" and we just hated each others books. Nine years after this book came out my daughter went to Brown. I don't think I ever gave it to her to read. She was named for a Gore Vidal character so I think she can appreciate it, perhaps.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper said...

I literally have to skip the part about Richard freezing in the empty rental house because it is so well-sketched that I feel the cold and the misery too much.

Anonymous said...

Gael -

I think I enjoyed it for what my librarian called its 'Ripley'-esque qualities.

Speaking of, have you read Joanne Harris' (Chocolat) GENTLEMEN AND PLAYERS? I also really enjoyed this.

oh, and can you recommend something like The Secret History? I need a good read!

Anonymous said...

Oh but I love The Secret History! I started reading TLF but never got past the first few chapters. Thrilled she has something new coming out. 'The Secret History' is my default present for friends (when I gather they haven't read it), and everyone I've given it to or recommended it to has loved it.

Anonymous said...

Loved The Secret History; still feel great remorse for suggesting The Little Friend to my book club.