Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little china girl

I love this: Scroll down and look at all the different presidential china patterns.

Harry Truman's is my favorite. I also like the Bush informal choice (why did they pick a formal and an informal? No one else did.) I also wonder why so many presidents got by just fine without a pattern of their own, and then we get into our eras and Reagan, Clinton and Bush (with two!) all had to get one.


scotlandprincess said...

Oh my God, last summer we had an exhibit of Presidential China at the museum where I work.

That Truman plate brings back memories.

Barb said...

The Hayes china set is INSANE.

It's awful, honestly. The Smithsonian American History Museum used to have a bunch of it on display (now they only have one piece out). It's...breathtaking, honestly.