Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Those damned bread clips

Deadspin is a sports blog, but every so often they feature a post where a writer responds to random life queries from readers.

This bit, about those weird little plastic tab things on bread, cracked me up:

"Lots of bread also come with the plastic end tabs that you bunch the bag into to keep it fresh. Again, this takes way too much effort. I'm an American. I shouldn't have to exert myself in this manner."


Anonymous said...

I love those bread clips. I don't know why, but for some reason I can't throw them out. I have a ziplock bag of them. Call me crazy, but they DO come in handy!

Laurie :)

Anonymous said...

There was a stand up routine -- I want to say Bill Engvall, or Jeff Foxworthy -- when he says his wife always got onto him for doing what every red blooded American male does: take the tab off, take out the bread, twist the bag & tuck the end under the bread. Word for word what my husband does every. single. day.