Sunday, June 06, 2010

Get off mah lawn!

New York Times readers are still cranky about those weird blog things the young people like.

Gawker has an excellent takedown of the topic.

Says Gawker: "Hey, Clark Hoyt, New York Times Public Editor: This column has sparked another question—from us. How many of the New York Times readers are irascible old people who have apparently just awoken from a 15-year slumber, Rip-van-Winkle style? Probably the majority of the print subscribers, right? Are you going to start answering every letter these readers scrawl out with their fountain pens in the light of a flickering tallow candle? Will your next column be someone asking how airplanes stay up in the sky, or What's all this talk about women getting the vote? Because we strongly support it. This one was great."

Or as the poster in our newsroom says, "Your newspaper will be out of date before you get to page two." Or as I've also heard, "Print journalism: Yesterday's news tomorrow."

I kid, kind of. I have a deep fondness for print, but man, sometimes the people involved need to wake up.

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SB said...

I must be the last person under 70 to actually read a paper because mine has this one I hate I love column and the hates are always I hate how people I have never met let their lawns grow over 1 inch high, or I hate how my neighbors don't take their garbage cans in 5 seconds after the garbage man comes.

These people need to get a life!