Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jacob's Hope

Movement in the Jacob Wetterling case?

No case has stuck with me like this one. I once asked John Walsh about it. He told me he and the Wetterlings and everyone knew Jacob was likely killed the day he was abducted, and held out no hopes for a deathbed confession from the murderer. Oh, but I would like to see this solved, the family's minds finally put at peace.


Sylkozakur said...

In Fresno, the big case was Victoria DeSantiago's kidnap & murder. She & her 4 yr old sister were kidnapped. The younger sister was released. Victoria's body was found using a psychic. Tha was about 1978. Her killer was found last year using DNA. Shocked it siding make national news.

Laura said...

I was in Minnesota visiting family last week when the stories were in the Strib. Seemed like they were just following a hunch, but I agree - I hope for peace for the family, and some resolution.