Monday, July 12, 2010

Her Royal Great-grandma

Buckingham Palace says Peter Phillips and his wife, Autumn, are expecting their first child in December, a baby who will be Queen Elizabeth II's first great-grandchild.

Autumn is the former Canadian Catholic Autumn Kelly, who had to convert to marry Peter. Also a lesson: Don't name your daughter "Autumn"! She might marry into the royal family one day and while it's kind of a cool name, it's going to look trendy and of-the-moment among all those Elizabeths and Annes.

Note that the story says: "Princess Anne turned down her mother's offer of honors (titles) for her children."

Which is very Princess Anne in spirit, but I wonder if the kids cared at all? Seems like Anne didn't have trouble taking the Princess Royal title for her own, although maybe she had no choice.

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