Monday, August 09, 2010

It's tough to be a kid

There's been a flux of young-adult books about kids in weird dystopian futures where their lives are in danger.

I read "The Hunger Games," and have sampled some other first chapters (bless you, iPhone Kindle app). It's a weird genre -- as hard as it is to watch kids in danger in movies, in books, you get a sense of their inner strength, and somehow you can almost forget they're supposed to be kids.

I would also put Kazuo Ishiguro's wonderful "Never Let Me Go" in this category, even though I suppose technically it's meant for adults, not YA.

I'm sure this trend, and those of wizard and vampire novels, will have moved on by the time Kelly is ready for YA list. Who knows what fad will have replaced it?


jennenen said...

The Hunger Games is one of mt favorite books. I have been DYING for the last one to come out.

Beth said...

I'll take a dystopian teen novel any day over the glut of YA fiction out there where girls are either cutting themselves or being sexually abused or both.