Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A book of Jean's own

Jean Teasdale is the one Onion character who's just too squirmingly could-be-real, I-think-I-know-this-woman-or-at-least-read-her-blog. Because of that, it's almost painful to read her stuff, and I'm not sure I could stomach a whole book of Jean.

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Bill the Splut said...

"Jean's" columns went so into the too-squirmy mode for me that I stopped reading them.

Jim "Hola, amigos" Anchower? He's also very real, but he's funny in a "everyone's either known a stoned loser like him, or for a time was one" way. He's just enough of a parody that he's funny. Jean, yeah, there prly are people exactly like her, with borderline-abusive drunks for husbands. For me, Jim's funny because he's chosen his life, while Jean isn't, as she seems trapped in hers.