Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In the not-too-distant future

The release of a new "Mystery Science Theater 3000" box set always makes me happy.

The latest one, set #19, has four flicks and a little figurine of Gypsy to go with the earlier releases of Tom Servo and Crow. (Will Bobo and The Observer be next? Naw, I'd guess they're done with the figurines now.)

The movies are "Devil Doll" ("HUGO LIKES HAM!"), "Devil Fish," "Bride of the Monster" and "Robot Monster."

"Devil Doll" is awesome and I'm delighted I can now throw away my crappy VHS tapes. "Devil Fish" is that French-Italian movie with the really bad accents. "Bride of the Monster" I don't remember, but it has the first half of the hilarious Chevrolet sales short "Hired!" and I somehow only remember the second half, which precedes the classic MST3K offering "Manos!" And "Robot Monster" has the infamous gorilla suit guy wearing a space helmet monster. Awesome awfulness! You know, if not for rock and roll, ventriloquy would have been HUGE.

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