Sunday, January 09, 2011


Rob and I watched "Best Worst Movie" last night -- have you heard of it? It's about how the cast from the horrible 1990 film "Troll 2" get back together and well, kind of celebrate this horrible movie they all made.

The star is the world's nicest dentist, and the man making the movie played the dentist's kid in the movie. They go to conventions and screenings and they all seem to be quite in on the joke, reciting their horrible lines and cracking up the whole time. But then the director and his wife, who wrote the movie, fly over from Italy and has no idea why everyone thinks his masterpiece is so horrible. It's a fascinating film.

Now that we've seen it, we want to watch the Rifftrax version of "Troll 2," because there's no way I could see it without some sarcastic commentary.

By the way, "Troll 2" was not the sequel to "Troll," and it doesn't have any trolls in it, just goblins. And, well, that's not the weirdest thing about it. I suspect we all made better movies than this when we were eight and had a Fisher-Price movie camera and the cast was our cousins and random neighborhood dogs.

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Annie said...

My friend Vanessa actually is interviewed in Best Worst Movie. She likes going to the Troll 2 conventions, and she was well-known at her college in the mid-'90s for subjecting people to an old VHS of the movie. She's probably responsible for a starting good chunk of the movie's cult following.