Friday, April 03, 2015

A farerwell to Europe as lost as Atlantis

Don't miss this stunningly sad eulogy for Europe that appeared in the NYT after WWII.

"Mr. LaFarge gives us a last look at a continent as irretrievably lost as Atlantis. Only if Europe could have at least a half-century without the threat of war could it hope to restore its housing to the 1939 level of comfort. Who thinks this is possible when past wars have been only 20 years apart and each more terrible?"

Oh, ye of little faith..Makes me want to hop in a time machine just to tell them that .Europe will rise again. And Tokyo, Berlin and Rome will once again become such fast friends that it will be impossible for future generations to view them as enemies. We'll find more enemies, we always do -- and they'll be doozies.

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