Monday, September 21, 2015

Rest in peace, Pete

Rob's dad Pete Cooper, passed away Saturday at 81. 

My favorite memory of him is from our 1993 wedding. It was time for the bride to dance with her father, and my dad was nowhere to be found (we later discovered he was paying the vendors!). So Pete, my new father-in-law of approximately one hour, gallantly took my hands and said, "I know I'm not your dad, but will I do?" And we danced until my dad finished writing checks and came to cut in. 

Rest in peace, Michigan man and lifetime Detroit sports fan, Dodgers-hater and Angels-rooter, pioneer computer engineer, loving grandpa, devoted reader. In the 1950s, he drove a tiny MG from Pontiac to California to start his adult life in the Golden State and never looked back. You lived life on your terms, no question about it

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