Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby quest

My friend and co-worker Kristin has an excellent piece on our site today about how she and her husband decided to stop infertility treatments and turn full-bore to international adoption. Another woman writes about her decision to keep on trying, at 42.

I was kind of appalled at how hard-hearted some of the people were in the linked discussion. Seems that many people think if you haven't had your kids by the time you're 25, you have no business even trying. (And one guy begs women over 35 not to have kids since he and his older mom didn't get along. Nice guy.)

What's that Tina Fey said, when reading a Weekend Update article about how the ideal age to give birth was something like 22? She said something like: "Yeah, I should have become a mom at 22. When I was living above a biker bar, and pulling down a cool 12 grand a year."

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