Monday, September 10, 2007

I was there!

For the 100th anniversary of baseball's World Series, ESPN went back and ranked all the fall classics, from best to worst.

The Series at #1? The 1991 Twins victory Series, which I attended in my own hometown, with one of my best friends. (ESPN also ranked it their 100th best sports moment of any sport, of all time.)

We stood on our feet, covered our eyes, screamed ourselves hoarse and then danced in the streets around the Metrodome.

We lucked out in a few ways. We were broke, just-out-of-college students at the time, and I actually won the tickets in the lottery the Twins had -- and I never win anything. And my dear friend Ann went with me, and four Octobers later she was dead, of a pulmonary embolism at age 28.

I'll probably never attend another World Series game, but I'm secretly kind of pleased that the one I did go to is considered the best ever. It already was to me.

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k said...

I'm from Atlanta, so I was considerably less happy about the outcome, but what a series that was! I was only about 9, but my mother knew somebody and we got tickets to game 5, the only non-ridiculously exciting game of that series. It's easily my favourite sports-related memory.