Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fun with the comics

Marmaduke Explained is about a million times better than actual Marmaduke. For some reason, this one had me on the floor.

I'd love to steal from Joe Mathlete at Marmaduke Explained and do the same thing he does, but only for "For Better or For Worse." Except every other day my caption would be "Mike/Liz/Granthony/Deanna is a dumbass."

Speaking of slightly altered comic strips, Garfield Minus Garfield has been making the rounds, and it's lovely, in a weirdly existential sort of way. Jon Arbuckle becomes very much Jim of Jim's Journal (I ADORE these books) if he has no stupid fat orange cat in his life.


Anonymous said...

*tries to comment but is incapacitated by hysterical laughter at garfieldless strips*
and have you seen the ones with live-action garfield and jon? and then music videos? oh. my. god. (

I've taken to using FBOFW to illustrate the effects of abuse and what abuse looks like at my own site ( ... the "comics" tag will get you them all i think) because omg, all the flashback strips could be captioned "Elly is a horrible mother." It's fun!

Anonymous said...

aw! i used to love "i made some brownies (and they were pretty good)." jim's journal was so quiet and quietly drawn and peaceful. i think it's significant that jim davis (sans garfield) is doing the same thing but with an intensely manic edge. it's, like, the element that caused him to draw this stuff with garfield, and boringness, and painful embarrassment, instead of the way jim's journal went. it's like two roads diverging!