Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweets for the sweet

Spotted this weekend in a San Fernando Valley grocery store: Bouquets of marshmallow roses.

Now I am about the biggest fan of marshmallow items that has ever walked the earth, but even I don't get these.

Do you buy them in place of candy, because you don't want to splurge on a box of Godiva? Do you buy them in place of flowers, and if so, do they mean more or less to your sweetheart than a bunch of real roses?

Note that they are proudly touted as "sugar-free." Is this a big selling point? Are there sugar-full marshmallow roses just waiting around the corner? Are diabetics big fans of marshmallow roses?

I also appreciate that they come in a wide spectrum of colors. Say your love disdains red or white marshmallow roses, no problem! Purple and orange are readily available.
Weirdly (or perhaps not), these were actually located between the cash registers and the exit doors, as if once you had made all your purchases and were striding out of the store you might spot them, whirl on your heel and go back to buy these. Almost forgot! It's our anniversary today, must get a bouquet of marshmallow roses!


Jen said...

That just sounds gross to me. Yuck. But, I am not a fan of Peeps either.

I loved your last 2 sentences...cracked me up.

Thanks for making me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Just be glad they're not horrible scratchy underwear roses!