Thursday, March 27, 2008

The incredible, not-so-edible egg

I love this gold-flecked Easter egg-dying kit LJC found this year. What gorgeous eggs! Dud anyone see this kit available, and if so, in what stores? I'm unsure what brand it is too -- PAAS seems to have a monopoly on the egg-color market these days, but it doesn't say PAAS on the picture.

We used to always use Ruby's cold-water egg dye, but the company is no more. A year or so ago I bought up a bunch of their kits on eBay, but there aren't many left out there. Too bad -- they made gorgeous, swirly eggs a little like LJC's, and you could keep reswirling them multiple times and picking up extra colors.

My mom claims we did this because my dad was cheap and wouldn't get us more eggs, so we finished quickly and had to keep redying the same ones. Heh. Whose dad wasn't trying to keep down the little expenses in the 1970s? Turn that light off! Do you think we're made of money? Shut that door! We're not trying to heat the whole outdoors!

While looking for more info on Ruby's, I found the Ask Dr. Toy archives for 2007, where people write in hunting for their favorite lost childhood playthings. You're sure to spark some memories just reading through their requests.


Carol P said...

Gael, here is the egg dye.


Unknown said...

We actually found one in the Dollar Store, of all places.

We found that it dyed our faces and hands better than it did the eggs.