Thursday, March 27, 2008

Isn't he pretty in pink?

The LA Times has a big fat wet kiss to John Hughes and his influence on a generation of filmmakers. And I adored his movies, and get a giant kick out of the fact that our buddy Todd was an extra in "Pretty in Pink."

But I can't help but wonder why the article doesn't point out how his movies all ended...PiP's controversial ending was supposedly changed at the last minute to please audiences by putting Andie with Blaine, but was there really one person in the world who didn't want her with Duckie? And in a recent interview with Ellen Page of "Juno," the 20-year-old was trying to point out how let-down she felt by earlier movies, and her example was Ally Sheedy having to turn into a Molly Ringwald clone in "Breakfast Club."Yes, Ferris Bueller was a neat exception, but mostly the message was CONFORM! CONFORM!

Interesting that John Hughes has taken a note from same-name-twin Howard Hughes (kind of) and gone all reclusive on Hollywood. Bet they hate that.


Bathtub Mary said...

As a pre-teen, I was glad Andie ended up with Blaine. As a teen, I was furious she didn't end up with Duckie. But as an adult, I can see that the one she should have been with was Stef.

Think about it - he was the one who really loved her. He says right at the beginning that he's been after her for years, and she's the one who keeps blowing him off. And that dick move Blaine did when he blew her off? Stef was the kind of guy who did what he wanted to do, and damn the rest; he wouldn't have cared if his friends didn't like Andie.

Sure, he was a jerk to her, but that was just wounded love :(

Anonymous said...

She ended up with Duckie in the novelisation. By the way, does anyone ever read novelisations of these kinds of movies? I don't know.

Now, I was always bummed that Stokely in The Faculty also ended up a Molly Ringwald clone.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I HATE that Ally Sheedy got all prettied up and THEN the guys dug her. I liked her the way she was (but then, she was the one I most identified with anyway--who brings sushi to lunch without refrigeration?).

Watching all those teen movies from the '80's as an adult is certainly interesting. I watched Sixteen Candles recently, and was HORRIFIED. Did the preppy girl get raped? and like it? Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie--I wanted Andie and Blaine together and still am happy with the ending. I was always a fan of the whole idea of the cute, rich, popular guy taking a chance on a normal girl even though peer pressure probably told him otherwise. And I always thought Andrew was the cutest of all brat-packers. :) I actually was kind of annoyed with Duckie in PiP and would never wanted to date him. He got a girl anyway, it's all good.
I never saw Ally becoming a Molly clone at the end of The Breakfast Club. I just saw it as her actually bathing and brushing her hair--nothing wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

Another Andie/Blaine fan. I'm sure it had a lot do with the fact that I had a massive crush on Andrew McCarthy. But I also think the two actors had nice chemistry.

Stef is AWESOME (smoking in the stairwell?? hell yeah!), but he clearly only wanted Andie as a notch on his bedpost.