Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's always sunny in Sweet Valley

I love this: Inconsistencies in the Sweet Valley High books.

Some are less inconsistencies than just stupid things, such as "After Tricia Martin dies, there are TWO different books with a sub-plot of a girl looking exactly like Tricia Martin that Steve falls in love with - how can there be three (unrelated) girls that all look identical in one town?"

Here's a great one: "Shall I point out the obvious “Olivia coming back from the dead” in the early SVU book where they have a high school reunion about 5 months after they graduate? I know that was written before the Earthquake books, but maybe choose some other character to kill, one that DIDN’T show up at the reunion…"

Makes me want to dig out my book o' books from the basement...

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Anonymous said...

I know right? Now I want to go through them and see if any of those kids turned 16 more than once! The only one I liked was Boys Vs. Girls, and I think that was Sweet Valley Twins not Sweet Valley High.... I wonder how bad the inconsistencies are between the different series!