Thursday, March 13, 2008


Oh Granthony, you true romantic.

Oh Liz, you pathetic loser.

I hope Francie makes their married life hell. And that Therese haunts them. And Granthony eventually has an affair and Liz realizes her mistake and...I know, I know, that will never happen, especially in what little time this strip has left, but...

The FOOBiverse cracked me up with their reaction, as usual. BOXCAR!


Anonymous said...

That's the least romantic "proposal" I've ever seen! They're discussing the prospect of marriage with all the passion of lawyers going over a business merger offer (maybe less).

Anonymous said...

Pleeeease tell me they for real only have a little time till the strip ends. I read (on the official website?) that she swears that she is not ending it at all and it is just a rumor. That has to be a horrible mean-spirited lie, right?