Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Natalie faces facts

I love Mindy Cohn. Adore her. But I'm unconvinced that she was really going to move on to Meryl Streep-esque roles after being discovered at her high school and hired for "Facts of Life."

I'm just sayin'.

But they don't get paid for DVDs and reruns? What kinda scam is that?

Speaking of DVDs, when are the remaining seasons of "Facts" coming out on DVD? The first three are out, but those were the weakest three seasons. The show only hit its stride for me once they got outta Eastland and started working at Edna's Edibles and Over Our Heads.

(Via TV Tattle.)

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Anonymous said...

I can see why they don't get paid for DVDs, because it's probably not specified in the contract--who knew? But reruns were definitely part of the TV landscape in the '80s. If they're not getting paid for those, they have seriously suck-ass agents.