Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Square pegs, square pegs, square, square pegs!

Sweet! "Square Pegs" is coming out on DVD. This came out either my first or second year in high school and I have really fond memories of watching it. Who didn't feel like a square peg in high school?

I also remember with joy the goofy 1980s styles and trends that it is drenched in (note that the third episode is called "Pac-Man Fever").

Sadly, Merritt Butrick, who played the memorable New Waver Johnny Slash, never made it out of the 1980s, dying in 1989 of brain cancer related to AIDS.

Apparently Amy Linker, one of the two leads, is out of acting and works as a substitute teacher. I hope she occasionally shows her students one of her episodes.

Oh, and Sarah Jessica Parker went on to do some things. You may have heard of her.

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Anonymous said...

Amy Linker interviewed for a job as my brother's assistant a few years ago. She's not really an official substitute teacher, I think she just manufactured that so she didn't look like a complete loser. Which she must be, as my brother didn't give her the job! Heh.