Thursday, March 06, 2008

School days

"High School Reunion" has returned! TV Land has resurrected the show that had a short run a few years back. This time, the class is the class of 1987, so the alums are a bit older ( age).

I love that they've picked older folks. "Real World" has enough young punks getting drunk and barfing in the alleys of Hawaii...the older people are more interesting in that they've already established their lives, yet reuniting with former classmates still affects them. Seriously, if this were a regular show, I would watch it every single season.

And it's not like they can't bring the drama. This show features a man who lost his wife, another who came out as a lesbian after school, a shrimpy kid who grew up into a good-looking guy, a nasty balding bully, and more. (The late wife went by "Gale," and she was born in the same month and year as I was, which is a little scary.)

The most dramatic plotline is the one about a guy who married a classmate and had two kids with her, but then she cheated on him with his best friend...another classmate. And yes, all three members of the love triangle are on the show.

Here's an article about the show from the Dallas paper, where the school in question was located.


Anonymous said...

I wish more reality shows would have older contestants. I guess we see some on Project Runway or Top Chef, but why won't Tyra Banks let anyone over twenty play?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am really enjoying this season, too, and for all the reasons you mentioned. These people have lived a little, and the drama is based on ACTUAL THINGS other than being drunk and belligerent. What a refreshing change!

Like you, I would watch this show religiously if it were on more often.