Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What we're Wikiing

Most-viewed Wikipedia pages, via Metafilter.

OK, I get that Barack Obama and John McCain are high on the list (just saw my first McCain bumper sticker this morning, and I've seen quite a few Obama stickers). But canine reproduction?

I'd never heard of the Edison Chen photo scandal, which also ranked quite high. Sounds awfully risque.


Anonymous said...

The Edison Chen thing was HUGE outside of the states a few weeks ago. The pics are VERY naughty. This dude was seriously busy loving the female celebrities of HK. And photographing them (all of them). And then... when he brought in his PC for repairs, some dastardly tech copied all of Edison's saucy pics to web! Curses!

Then at his evetual press conference when Edison apologized and withdrew from public life, he cheesily said that he wanted to "apologize to all the ladies..." LOL, it sounded like an Afrika Bambaata sample ("All the ladies in the house...the ladies, the ladies").

Anonymous said...

I spent the last two weeks of February in Hong Kong and was someone who checked out Wikipedia to learn about the "Canto-pop photo scandal." It was the big news there.

Gillian Chung's excuse; "I admit that I was very naive and silly in the past, but I have grown up now" was played and replayed on TV.

Anonymous said...

Were the photos of canine reproduction? :)