Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the Brink

I pretty much love everything Mimi Smartypants writes, which is a big admission since I am not a slavering Internet fangirl for many people.

But I especially appreciate that she points out a pet peeve of mine...the Brinks Home Security ads where Evil Rapist Burglar Dude boldly smashes into a house where people are home and the wife (it's always the wife, though sometimes Hapless Hubby is also there) is saved by her Brinks alarm.

Besides the stupid things that Mimi so rightly points out about these ads, I have always thought it is lame that Brinks calls the police for her. Like the police would not respond if called by Terrorized Wife or Hapless Hubby, but only when the square-jawed Brinks employee pushes 911.

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