Sunday, April 20, 2008

Marshmallow weaponry

Rob and I have a game we play in small towns. We look at the various business and try to pick out places we might work if we lived there and had to work in town. Sometimes these are actual jobs we might have, given our skill sets...usually small-town newspapers for me and computer-repair shops for him. But they're equally likely to be really goofy places ("I work at Electric Cords Inc., where do YOU work?") or places whose business we can't identify from the name ("I work at Evilcorp, where do YOU work?")

All of that is just a long-winded way of saying: I work in Marshmallowville, home of the world's best selling marshmallow toys and accessories, where do YOU work?

Marshmallow guns. I mean, on one hand, hey, marshmallows! How much damage can they do? But on the other hand, everything on this site seems to be a gun of some kind. Hey, violent toys not negated by the smooshy goodness of mallow. The jury remains out.

(Via Grow A Brain.)


Anonymous said...

Tim and I have a variation on this where we try to guess the name of the receptionist at these companies: "Thank you for calling Electric Cords, Inc. This is Betty Jean--how may I direct your call?" What usually follows is a hilarious--but only to us--improv conversation between the hapless caller and the irritated receptionist ("Hi--I'm looking for some solar panels. Do you guys have any?"). Yeah, we make our own fun... :-)

Anonymous said...

Just regarding violent toys...doesn't matter what you do, kids'll pretend its a gun. This was brought to mind when I saw my three-year old running around with the "horns" to my breast pump, going "pchew! pchew! pchew!"