Sunday, May 04, 2008

Eye in the sky

I get a huge kick out of looking through this Retro Beauty ad photo set on Flickr.

The watercolor eye? Heck, I tried to do this for YEARS, pretty standard was pink on the browline, purple on the lid, and light blue outlining the lid, then blend, blend, blend. I think we were trying to get our eyes to look like impressionist paintings, or maybe it was just the makeup industry trying to sell us 3700 different colors at once.  (I love the woman who comments on this ad, saying "This is why I always look like a transvestite when I wear makeup...I learned from these ads!")

And while the ad was hawking this as the hot look for 1972, I was doing it in 1985. Thirteen years behind the style times! Go, me!

I never managed quite the Martian look that this model has, though. And I never saw the ads that implied it was just like finger-painting. But this look might be the scariest. Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to use your comment section as an email, but I really wanted to send this to you, since we both share a love of weird Japanese food products:

From Monkeyfilter.