Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Test Pattern back online

I've restarted my Weblog, Test Pattern. Please click on it, leave comments, tell your friends ... the more people who read it, the longer they'll let me keep at it.


Anonymous said...

Tell MSNBC to put your link back on the front page of the entertainment section! I can't get to it through the MSNBC site, only through your link here. Test Pattern was always a favorite of mine and I have been loving your regular blog (once I found it!).

By the way, after reading your post about Taco Doritos a while back, i tried to find some of these mythical chips that I never had. I finally found some at a local fruit and veggie store. They carry a huge range of ethnic foods as well. That might the key to finding them. They were pretty good by the way!

Anonymous said...

yippee- I missed it-karolyn