Monday, May 12, 2008

If your mother was Martha Stewart... would have to wrap her presents to within an inch of their lives so she can photograph them for her blog. (Scroll down.)

And imagine being poor Alexis and making baked goods for Martha. Isn't that just asking for trouble? Like when your friends from Italy visit and you try to make them Italian food? (Admittedly, her bagels look terrific.)

The syrupy, suck-uppy comments on Martha's blog are darn hard to take though. One woman said "You are so Martha Stewart!" Um, I don't think it's a compliment when she really is Martha Stewart, honey.

I've always kind of liked/felt sorry for Alexis, ever since Martha ran that photo of her kissing her later-disgraced boyfriend Sam Waxsal in one of her books. And then later it was rumored (?) that Martha also dated him. I am also rooting for Alexis to get pregnant after reading her story in People. Yes, she is able to spend a lot more money on her babyquest than most folks ($28,000 A MONTH???), but good luck to her.

Martha would be one crazy-ass grandma, though.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Alexis was taught (groomed) very early on by Martha. So, I'm sure there is slightly less pressure for her than the average schmoe.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I've always felt sorry for Alexis having to deal with that mother.

I do kind of like Alexis's attitude, though.