Monday, May 12, 2008

Our daily bread

I love King Arthur Flour's catalog and products. Now they have a blog!

I've never heard of Baltimore specialty Berger cookies, but they look pretty yummy.

(Via Cookies in Heaven)


k said...

As a former and future Baltimorean, I can safely say that Berger cookies are the best thing ever made. I have a friend who worked out how to spot the ones where the cookie was concave and the frosting convex. We are sort of cookie-loving dorks.

Anonymous said...

The real Berger cookie is the best (and its the one in the picture with the darker chocolate frosting). I love King Arthur and that they would even try to make a Berger cookie. That said, I will continue to eat the original and serve it to every out of town guest we get.

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and order a tin of those cookies. They are incredible.

Anonymous said...

Their cookie looks too grainy. Berger cookies are so tasty. And I'm not sure why they would say that it tastes like a Hostess cupcake, but I love the frosting. Best part of the cookie, hands down!