Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog madness

Just a couple blogs I've made note of lately:

The Brian Williams Tie Report Archive: "Brian stoops to select from The Lower Tier of Taste for tonight's tie, a nightmarish offering of ultramarine blue with narrow stripes of pale lilac. It's hard to imagine under what circumstances this cravat came into BW's collection: the first tie he ever bought with his own money? a gift from Sister Mary Michael's class at Her Lady of Perpetual Sorrow? a long-running contest/dare/joke between him and a college buddy? Whatever the reason for this tie's existence, it's simply not good enough."

The NYT Picker, which nitpicks the NY Times.

The Japan Blog List: Because I love to read about Japan, and I've already found a couple fun ones on here.

50 Must-Read Blogs By Teachers: I've been meaning to explore this. Two of my three sisters were teachers, and I almost was one myself.

Bakerella: Yummy baking blog.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Bakerella? Blog oculd not be found.