Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eating in, eating out

Rob Cockerham of the wonderful has done many goofy experiments over the years, chronicling his exploits on his site.

But I recently became fascinated with one he did back in 2004. For the month of February, he ate in for every single meal (not necessarily at his home, but food he prepared himself). For the month of March, he ate out for every single meal (except for one mistake when he had a bowl of cereal at a friend's without thinking about it).

In true form, he detailed much it cost, how long it took, etc., and presented the results at the end of the months. No surprise, it was much more expensive to eat out, but he had a lot more fun doing that, he says.

And don't miss Rob's Halloween costume this year -- he was a box of See's candy! I think he was robbed in the costume contest, personally. You can also look at his incredible costumes from years past.


Jennie said...

He was absolutely robbed! That costume was genius, and rendered so well.

Anonymous said...

I just sent my husband that link, because it's right up his alley (especially since Rob mentions Corti Brothers, his favorite Sacramento store.) And it turns out that not only do they know each other, in the middle of his month of eating out, Rob ran into my husband in a restaurant (with his then-wife) and name-checked him. THAT IS SPOOKY.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they got divorced?

The thing that surprised me the most about the eating in/eating out experiment was how long it took to get food out. I had imagined that it would be faster to get food out, but it really isn't. If you consider the time spent parking and waiting to order and waiting for your food, it is faster to just make it yourself.