Sunday, November 02, 2008

'Brotherhood' is back

Hooray, my own little Irish "Sopranos" is back... "Brotherhood" has returned for a third season on Showtime.

I tell you, this show is actually better than "Sopranos" because there is less flat-out Mob murdering and much more family machinations and plotting. I also love that it's Irish, because the Irish-Catholic background is all homey and comfortable to me. And I may have a wee crush on Jason Clarke and a tiny one also on Fionnula Flanagan, and I love when they call Declan "Deco."

Just trust me, it's awesome.

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Beth Hicks said...

I live in Prov, RI where it's filmed and have met Annabeth Gish (super nice/super skinny). I also saw Jason Clarke at the local Whole Foods.

The entire cast and crew is lovely and has brought a whole lot of jobs for actors/film types to the area. Plus, the show is frakkin' awesome.