Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Predicting the future?

"Doonesbury" strips had to be sent to the newspapers a while back for this week, and Garry Trudeau didn't want to be out of the presidential election loop, so he went ahead and guessed at who will win, and wrote his strips accordingly.

If he's right, he'll look smart, he said, and if he's wrong, no one will remember.

I had mentioned to one of Kelly's daycare teachers yesterday that I was working the elections (for MSNBC.com, not working the polls) and she kind of tentatively asked me today if I knew how she could find out if she was registered.

Bless you, iPhone. I whipped it out and was able to find her in the online Washington voter database. However, she was listed as INACTIVE, which I guess happens if you move and the mail they send you is returned. So I wrote down the King County elections number for her so she could try and check into whether she can vote or not. I tried the number myself,but it was busy (naturally). I don't know if she'll ever get through, but I hope I helped a little bit.

Also, in another of the daycare rooms, a teacher told me she looked at local stores to try and get a little flag...she wanted to pose the kids with it and send home pics for Election Day. But the grocery and drug stores didn't have flags. However, there is a costume store about a block from her daycare so after I left and ran an errand, I went over there and bought four little flags (50 cents each!) and brought them back to her. It's not Kelly's classroom, but I thought she should have flags on Election Day if she wanted them.

When I asked at Walgreen's if they had flags, the young manager said no, and then offered, kind of sadly,"I guess we're not a very patriotic store."

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