Monday, November 10, 2008

Candy Hierarchy

I think we all have our own Candy Hierarchy, as is obvious based on what candies we go for when we are offered a varied bowl.

Looks, I'm as big a caramel fan as anyone, but hell if I'd put Caramellos in the top tier. Kit Kats and Whoppers would probably also rank much higher with me. And whatever happened to Krackel bars? They beat Nestle Crunch for me every time. Hmm, Wikipedia says they don't make the regular-size Krackels anymore, just the minis. And this guy did a very thorough comparison, and decided that Crunch triumphs over Krackel in almost every way. Hmmph.

(Via Kottke, who also has this Great Cereals of All Time link.)

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay too close of attention to the Crunch - Krackel comparison. The website that it's on is a subsidiary of Nestle.