Friday, November 07, 2008

Magazine mania

Elegant Bride has been shut down. I like this guy's point: Why does Conde Nast need THREE bridal magazines? Apparently, they don't.
Some of the mags on his magazine death watch, though, I'd hate to see go. Domino, Life & Style, and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY?

(Via Romenesko.)


JRH said...

Wow--Entertainment Weekly? I got that magazine for a decade, though about the time I turned 34 or so I suddenly just didn't think it applied to me anymore (i.e., they had a Olsen Twin cover or some shtuff and I just said, "No more, thanks"). But I have 10 years of good memories.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Entertainment Weekly. I stopped my subscription to that sucker when they changed their layout so that it looked like one gigantic ad!

Merry Di's Life and Travels said...

I would be so depressed if Entertainment Weekly went away. I look forward to it coming in the mail, I always look forward to reading it, on paper. I'm currently working overseas and I love that I'm more up on what is going on back home in popular culture than other Americans here and most of that comes from EW.

Just like books, I think the Kindle thing sounds amazing but I don't want to look at a screen to read a magazine or a book.

PS. Love your blog! Love the insights on the Seattle area, makes me miss home so much -- Renton. I also have a few Career Romances for Young Moderns and continue to pick them up when I see them. Have you seen "Foreign Service Girl"? That's me!

Matt said...

Yeah, I'm kinda surprised to hear about EW being an endangered mag, I thought it was still pretty popular.

They are treading thin ice with all these teeny bopper type articles, though - the new issue contains features on the Twilight movie, One Tree Hill and David Cook. Cmon EW, throw this 40 year old a bone here!