Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Three upcoming movies that look creepy (that's good, for horror fans).

"Shutter Island," based on the book, about people trapped on an island in a storm with a murderess escaped from an insane asylum. Brrr. I may have to pick up the book since it's a while till the movie comes out, and books are almost always better, anyway. Here's an interview with the author, Dennis Lehane, who also wrote "Mystic River."

The trailer for "The Unborn" freaks me out every time I see it. I don't expect I will, but the plot, about a dead twin who stalks his living sibling, and the creepy backbend-walking people/dogs, is really disturbing.

"The Uninvited" is due out later this month, and it's based on a Korean horror flick, which is usually a plus. It's about sisters who don't think their dad's new fiancee is who she pretends to be.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Lehane is a genius. All of his books are excellent! I am looking forward to Shutter Island, although I am sure it will not compare to the book.

Mary Ellen said...

Shutter Island is a fantastic book.

Anonymous said...

"creepy backbend-walking people/dogs"

Its this part of the trailer that freaks me OUT every time I see it.