Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"The Wire" rap-up

You know, I'd been thinking that I might donate or give away my "Wire" season box sets, because it's such an involved show that you really need giant chunks of time to watch it. And with Kelly, I'm not sure when I'd have such uninterrupted time again for quite a while.

But then I saw this YouTube video (thanks, Paige) and I decided I might just keep them after all. DeAngelo! Stringer! Frank Sobotka! BODIE!
I think I am the only person who really liked the second season, with Sobotka and the stevedores and the dead girls. I think I watched it while I was on bedrest, and I just really loved that season's complicated plot.


Jackie said...

Season 2 is my fave too (Bede!), with season 4 a very close second.

notanillusion said...

My boyfriend got the box set from me for Christmas. Because I'm awesome. And I love him. But he got me an iPod, so he wins the awesome argument. :)

Annie Bulloch said...

I liked Season 2 a lot. I think maybe people don't respond to it as well because it's so different from Season 1 in a lot of ways. The dockworkers were an unexpected element, but I enjoyed their story and I think it was important to the overall series. My husband got the full-series box set for Christmas, but we haven't had a chance to watch the special features yet. The idea of a gag reel for The Wire just seems so bizarre.

Omar said...

We watched season one last summer and loved it. My folks got us the complete set for Christmas (yay!) and we're going to watch Season Two when the TV schedule frees up a bit (unfortunately, that might not be until summer '09).

After reading this, I'm looking forward to it anymore.

Amazingly, the box set was only about $89 during the holidays at Best Buy, Amazon and other place. That's when I dropped a giant hint to my folks about it.

Joanne said...

The second season is my husbands fave, by far!

Unknown said...

I thought season 2 was one of the best seasons by any show on television. A little disjointed because the 2 plots didn't mesh, but every episode was a joy to watch.