Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Fatal Vision'

Forty years after Colette, Kristen and Kimberley were killed, Jeffrey MacDonald is still trying to appeal his conviction in the famed "Fatal Vision" murder case.

At this writing, the three people commenting on the Seattle Times site are all on MacDonald's side.

I don't know. I read extensively about both sides of the case -- and damn if that Helena Stoeckley wasn't one weird woman -- but I lean towards guilty, remembering all the secrets he was hiding from Colette that seemed bound to come out.

Kristen and I would be the same age, had she survived, and it's kind of haunting to think of how much was robbed from her, her sister, and her mom. Someone knows the truth, after all the time.

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Stacy Belford said...

He's just as guilty as John and Patsy Ramsey are.