Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kiss me deeeeeeadly

OMG, you guys, Kissing Potions, minus the "Maybelline," are back!
I should probably be posting this at, but had to share it here: Remember Maybelline Kissing Potions, clear, syrupy sweet lip gloss in funky-mod roller-ball dispensers? We lacquered it on as if our lips would fall off if we left even one sad centimeter exposed, but since we were too young for kisses, we ended up just pretty much eating the stuff ourselves anyway.

Anyway, that defender of old-school products, the Vermont Country Store, has it! In three flavors! Looks like Maybelline got dumped from the name so I'm not sure who makes it for them, but I just may have to order some.

People at Retroland are sharing their Kissing Potion memories, and I am completely in agreement with the girl who said she had Farrah hair and if she went outside on a windy day wearing Kissing Potion, the wind would blow her hair across her face and it would get stuck on her greased-up lips. Sister, me too,

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Erin M said...

I loved that stuff! I remember growing up having to have every flavor and carrying it around with me EVERYWHERE i went. I can't believe they still sell it!