Monday, August 29, 2005

Hey you guuuuuys!

Oh frabjous day: "Electric Company" is coming to DVD in February. Of the holy trinity of PBS kids' shows of my era, "Sesame Street," "Mr Rogers' Neighborhood," and "Electric Company," "EC" was my favorite.

I loved Letterman, the Short Circus (I wanted to be Julia) and Spiderman especially. And my best friend to this day, Lisa, and I became friends in large part because we were "EC" freaks, and bonded over it at our all-girls' high school. Somewhere I still have my folder that we scribbled a million remembered moments from. "Jennifer of the Jungle" was one that comes to mind.

The Wikipedia entry for "EC" lists a bunch of the skits that you might remember. Fargo North, Decoder! Love of Chair! And man, how I hated that dumb monolith.


Anonymous said...

hated hated HATED Electric Company, almost entirely because of "Heeeey you guuuuuuuyyyyys!" But I needed to get outside for half an hour anyway. ;-)

KT said...

Yay! I am so glad I know of this ..... I loooooved the Electric Company, although I can barely remember any of it, and so did my husband. Looks like we can plan another DVD party.

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAY!!!! Gael, you are just making my day today, between this and the 80s tshirts!

It's the plumber--I've come to fix the sink! said...

A little hug becomes huge instantly.
Don't add W, Don't add X, And don't add Y or Z,
Just add Silent E.

You're wearing your squeaky shoes,
And right there taking a snooze
Is a tiger, so how do you walk on by?
Silently, silently, Silent...L-Y.

I'm definite...L-Y getting this, just for the Tom Lehrer classics!

Oh--and for Morgan Freeman. And Rita Moreno. And Luis Avalos, Skip Hinnant, Judy Graubart...

Pam said...

This just completely made my day. I'm an EC freak, too. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Easy reader! Rita Moreno as the director! Luis Avalos! (I think he was my favorite). My sister was the target age for Electric Company, but it was my favorite. Start the day with Mr. Rogers, follow with Sesame Street, end with Electric Company. Then time for play, lunch and then 4pm, reruns of The Brady Bunch. We didn't have those endless hours of Nick Jr. or Playhouse Disney that they have these days.

Meredith said...

I couldn't stand Mr. Rogers (when I was a little kid I told my parents that I found him patronizing...which made them wonder where I learned the word!), but I loooooved EC! It taught me how to read, and it had way cooler music than any other kid show out there.