Monday, August 22, 2005

My blue Marcia

An online Brady Bunch coloring book offers up three photos for you to color, without even lifting a Magic Marker to your laptop screen.

There's Cindy and Carol, in a heartfelt moment. What's wrong with the water upstairs? Maybe the problem is that the hot water runs out right away, because Mike, the architect, built a house with only one bathroom to be shared among six kids.

Marcia, only she looks so generic she could be anyone, up to and including Barbie. Also, it is possible that she's smoking a very thin joint.

And my favorite: Johnny Bravo on the skins! Who knew Greg's arm was so deformed?


Bob said...

Hey Gael,

Is it true that he built the house with only one bathroom for six kids? I mean, didn't he already own the house way before he married Carol?

Gael said...

Well, in the pilot, they lived in a completely different house, which you can picture if you remember the scene where Mike tells Bobby he doesn't have to put his dead mom's photo in a drawer.

He sure got over that. Dead mom never to be mentioned again! Sorry, First Mrs. Brady!